Alliance Healthcare

Whilst at Incorporate Design I worked on multiple projects for Alliance Healthcare who are part of Walgreens Boots Alliance, a global pharmacy and distribution network. The types of projects covered are too numerous to mention here but briefly they ranged from internal and external comms, monthly publications, brand guardianship and development, image generation and manipulation, project strategy, places and wayfinding. There are multiple sub brands all of which have their own brand guidelines, some of which I created. Brand guardianship and consistency were the overriding features of this work.

The work for Alliance Healthcare and all the sister brands was incredibly varied. Each brand had its own visual identity that needed to work within the umbrella brand identity. Even CSR initiatives like Biobank had to be a discernible part of the visual identity.

Monthly publications formed a large part of my work for Alliance Healthcare, along with other yearly projects for sub-brands, and affiliated initiatives like the UK version of the Scholl catalogue.

I have been involved in designing many different spaces and wayfinding projects for Alliance Healthcare. I have brought to life internal comms campaigns, or translated their brand identity into communal spaces.

A global company like Walgreens Boots Alliance has a constant need to communicate their messaging, both internally and externally. These can take many different guises; posters, online surveys, infographic wall wraps , t-shirts, and balloons, to name a few.