Community Work

I continue to donate my time to various groups to support my local community. This has varied from school fundraising brochures, help with campaigning against local planning applications, through to theatrical productions. It is always rewarding and usually very creative work.

Not Safe For Work is a dark comedy about the types of personalities working in publishing. The first act follows a men’s title and the second a women’s. I designed the main poster and also fake covers for the play’s two fictional magazines – Electra and Doghouse. I haven’t included the Doghouse covers here, as anyone who has seen the play will know they’re definitely NSFW!

A social media campaign for a production of Hamlet was a great opportunity to really play with the identity I had created for the poster. The actors were dressed in variations of black, red and white, and so I carried this through into the publicity material, along with a monolithic letter H that reflected aspects of the set design.

Working with community groups isn’t a one sided experience. It has allowed me to explore new technologies and techniques on live projects before offering them to clients.